Enterprise Security: Small and Midsize Fraud Defense Solution (CyberSecurityPower365.com)

Enterprise Security: Small and Midsize Fraud Defense Solution (CyberSecurityPower365.com)

Save your business with Microsoft Azure Fraud prevention

Data breaches against companies are constantly on the rise. We're aware of several cases where hostile parties have caused unreasonably high bills to customers and data breaches with the help of hijacked account information. This is also referred to as Crypto Mining.

One way to protect against Crypto Mining is by adapting our solution portfolio, which has expanded with a new Azure security enhancing solution called Small and Midsize Business Fraud Defense. With this solution, we can increase Azure security for our customers and reduce the chance of malicious data breaches in the Azure environments for the customers we manage.

RJO Ventures, Inc.'s Solution for Small and Midsize Business Fraud Defense

Helping Small and Midsize Business customers increase their security posture and reduce risks in day-to-day cloud operations. Leveraging this solution, we proactively detect and set up alerting mechanisms to help prevent fraudulent activity or misuse within our customers' Azure environments, giving their organization resiliency to potential phishing attacks.

This solution provides a multi-layer defense against vulnerabilities based on industry security best practices, allowing us to easily enable Security Defaults, implement Conditional Access and Azure policies and set budgets within Azure Cost Management.

Key Features

  • Enforce identity and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via Security Defaults or Conditional Access
  • Provide a range of Conditional Access preconfigured policies that are fully customizable and granular
  • Enforce Azure Policies across the Azure environment based on customer needs
  • Set thresholds for Azure Cost Management and proactively send alerts if unusual activity is identified

Core Infrastructure

  • Azure Policies
  • Conditional Access
  • Authentication Methods
  • Virtual Machine
  • Geo Restrictions
  • Cost Management

Business Outcomes

  • Phishing prevention – secures your business against phishing attacks
  • Enabling MFA, strengthens your Azure environment against potential security risks
  • Proactive alerting and warnings when budgets are exceeded early

Deployment Options:
  • Data center location and resource group creation
  • Set budget thresholds
  • Set geo restrictions
  • Set Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Block risky logins
  • Apply restriction policies on Virtual Machine
  • Add 1st and 2nd level email groups for budget thresholds 

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