99.9% of attacks can be prevented with proper MFA (CyberSecurityPower365.com)

Tenant Analysis:

Our Solution displays if you currently have Security Defaults, Conditional Access (CA) or any security settings activated. Cost management allows you to enable cost management if this is not already done and the solution will show you which Azure Subscription you currently have subscribed.

365 Security:

Manage security parameters of your Exchange Online.


When Security defaults are disabled, we can configure Conditional Access in a much more granular form; this will allow us to control policies against groups, users and actions. Our solution allows us to create rules for users and devices and create an exclusion group for users who should be excluded from these Conditional Access settings.

Budget Control:

Budgets lets us take control of the monthly Azure consumption; our solution allows us to set expected monthly budget and then get alerted via email when the monthly budget threshold is reached.


The solution will allow us to apply restrictions and govern the creation of IaaS resources. Our solution will focus on reducing risk from Virtual Machine (VM) families and regions you do not intend to use.


Would allow us to manage organization settings such as password age, password policies, banned password, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tools and Passwordless advance features.


Monitor section allows us to create alerts when changes have been made to the Conditional Access, subscription policies or add sign-in Alerts for privilege users. We can also deploy a Log Analytics workspace that provides additional audit options for the tenant. 

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